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Our Outdoor Physio Survey 2017 is finally evaluated. With your participation you support us to develop our service in future, so thanks to all, who took part.

We're happy about your positive feedback and suggestions for further improvement. We promise to take your ideas to heart and try to realize them, if possible. One of your wishes was to reallocate massageslots, if runners don’t finish within their expected time. If this case happens to you on ZUT 2018, just come to our booth as soon as possible after a refreshing shower and you will still get your pre-booked treatment.

The best answer to name all the events that you want us to join was „just all ultratrails and stage runs“. This is a bit too much for the moment, but we’re working hard on concepts for further events. So be excited for 2018 – maybe we’ll meet earlier than you think. ;)

Here, the results of our survey:

1. Overall impression: are you happy with Outdoor Physio?

88,57 %Very happy
11,43 %happy
0 %Neither happy or unhappy
0 %unhappy

2. Please choose words describing Outdoor Physio team members the most (multiple answers were possible)

74,29 %Reliable
88,57 %Highly professional
91,43 %Friendly team
0 %Not reliable
0 %Unprofessional
0 %Unfriendly team

3. How do you rate our services?

We've asked for:
a) The massages helped me to regenerate b) The tapes supported my running performance c) The treatments helped in achieving my goals d) The duration of the treatments was sufficient e) Running schedule during event fit to the timing/procedures of our treatments f) The therapists always provided helpful advice g) Contact and administration prior to the event was convenient

Overall this came out:

25,86 %Expectations overachieved
59,48 %Expectations very well achieved
14,22 %Expectations achieved
0,43 %Expectations not achieved

4. How would you rate the quality of our treatments?

54,29 %Very high quality
45,71 %High quality
0 %Neither high nor low quality
0 %Low quality

5. How would you scale value for money of our treatments?

40,00 %Perfect
42,86 %Above average
17,14 %Average
0 %Below average

6. How would you rate quality of our products used?


25,00 %Perfect
75,00 %Good
0 %Sufficient
0 %unhappy


37,50 %Perfect
50,00 %Good
12,50 %Sufficient
0 %Not sufficient

7. How likely will you rebook our services in the future?

67,65 %For sure
23,53 %Very likely
8,82 %Likely
0 %Unlikely

8. How long have you been customer of Outdoor Physio?

23,53 %≥ 5 years
38,24 %3-5 years
20,59 %1-2 years
17,65 %since 2017
0 %Never

9. Which additional events would you like to be supported by Outdoor Physio in the future?

"Pretty much any ultra trail or stage event, like Südtirol Ultra Skyrace, Tor des Geants, Ultra Tour Monte Rosa, Stubai Ultratrail, Sachsen Trail, Thüringen Ultra, Transvulcania, Montafon Totale Trail, Hochkoenigman Trail Race, Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc"