This contribution is aimed at regeneration, often neglected by many, especially now in winter. Because at some point even the most well-trained body needs a break, really. Even if you may not always believe it. Of course, this does not mean that you should not move during the winter months, but there are sensible supplements and alternatives that are simply good for you. More insight and really good tips can now be found in the following. Thank you very much for your comments Sandra and Team! Again and again with pleasure.

Use regeneration consciously — best in winter

The snow has a firm grip on many of us, and it is cold too. One man's joy, another man's sorrow. For some trail runners a "hard" time, when their running shoes are waiting in the corner for free trails. Of course bad weather doesn't really exist and winter still offers enough other possibilities to be outdoors. However, it also offers a time that everyone can use positively to give their body a little more rest and special attention after a strenuous and exhausting trail season.

The one or other injury or one of the often recurring overload syndromes is certainly not yet completely regenerated and so you should consciously use the winter for yourself and your recovery. Your body will thank you for it if you give it more rest periods and extended care. Then you can once again put your foot down on the trails this year. So that you don't get too bored "indoor", we would like to give you a few tips to stay healthy and improve your performance.

Tips and recommendations to support regeneration

Nutrition (excess of alkalis)

An important chapter and of crucial importance is what you put "up" in your body. Use the time and add important nutrients to your body for regeneration - most sensible: regional and seasonal. Your cells are happy when various gels and the like have a break. Maybe you are testing new possibilities to continue to supply yourself optimally on the trails. Or you might switch to your own production; so you know exactly what you are giving your body and how it reacts. It is recommended to use high quality ingredients.

Aqua Jogging & Swimming

We recommend these water sports for regeneration. The movements in the water are easy on the joints, stimulate the heart and circulation system, metabolism and lymph drainage are positively influenced and you activate a large number of muscle groups at the same time.

Lymph drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is especially recommended after injuries, competitions or longer training sessions. Here, too, the lymph drainage and metabolism is intensively stimulated, which can accelerate your regeneration and healing.


Osteopathy is a holistic treatment concept which serves the three main areas of cranio-sacral, parietal and visceral. If complaints have been present for a longer period of time and the cause simply cannot be found, it is worth considering an osteopathic approach. The interaction between the soma (skeleton/musculature) and the viscera (organs) can often be the key to complaints that have no obvious cause.

Relaxation massages (Ayurveda, Thai massage,...)

Try something new and give yourself and your soul a break. Ask for competent masseurs or therapists, because there are also qualitative differences in the field of wellness.

Sauna & steam bath

A day at the spa is like a short holiday and you can also help strengthen your immune system. It is best to enjoy the sauna lying down. This way you can ensure an even temperature distribution over the whole body. Sauna and relaxing massages can be combined very well.

Functional training with your own body weight

A topic that should not only be a priority in winter. Functional training offers efficient exercises that are ideal for injury prevention. We recommend that you focus more on this type of training during the winter months in order to start the new season in good shape. 


Here the offer is very diverse. So find out for yourself what appeals to you the most. From our own experience we can report that yoga is very helpful on the way to inner balance. Mindfulness and calmness not only have a positive effect on sports activities, but also enrich everyday life.  Through different exercises your mobility improves and the breathing exercises can have a positive effect on your condition and lung capacity.


Pilates helps you to improve flexibility, coordination, balance and muscle strength. The focus is on alignment, breathing and developing a strong base (abdominal, lower back and hips muscles).

Last but not least some advice

Inquire about suitable courses or therapists in your environment. Especially with the multitude of courses on offer, it is important to listen to your gut feeling. There is also nothing to be said against attending courses at the same time. Here too, it is important that you attend courses regularly to achieve the best for yourself. We wish you lots of fun and look forward to seeing you fit and healthy at an event.







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