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Our physiotherapy treatments are characterized by in-depth advice, examination and the individual preparation of a treatment plan in the form of a sectoral alternative practitioner regulation for physiotherapy.


Sports and regeneration massages

No matter if prior, during and or after your competition – a professional massage improves your performance.
 A massage prior to the race not only reduces nervousness but also serves as an effective addition to your warm-up which is necessary to prevent injuries sufficiently. To support your regeneration after every stage we will treat your sore legs to prevent small tissue injures. Massage therapy reduces waste-products such as lactic acid that build in the muscles after activity and can cause cramping and discomfort. Additionally, it increases the blood flow which is necessary to recover from small tissue injuries. Your recovery will be faster and better. Thus, a massage increases the blood supply and nutrition to the muscle so that muscle soreness won’t exist the next day.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is a complex treatment strategy characterized by joint mobilisation techniques. Restrictions in joints may lead to pain, soft tissue inflammation, and range of motion restrictions. With this hand-on technique we aim for improving function and maximize your performance capacity.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a form of light touch massage and improves the regeneration after an exhausting stage. This specific treatment method stimulates the lymphatic system. Therefore, it works more efficiently which means that nutrients get transported to the cells faster, toxins are eliminated, and the body´s metabolism is increased.


To support our physiotherapy treatments, we use the high-quality products of our premium partners Spitzner, RockTape and MEDIVID.


Kinesiological taping

Kinesio taping is a holistic treatment method. These elastic tapes allowing you full range of motion, and are applied along muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Different techniques enhance the natural healing and provide support through the muscles.

If you get a professional Tape, the following effects appear:

  • Improvement of muscle function position
  • Stabilized joint function
  • Better circulation
  • Activation of lymph

Medical taping

Medical taping is characterized by rigid tape. The main function is to stabilize joints prior to activities.


For our kinesiological tapes we use the "Extra Sticky" H2O tape from our premium partner RockTape. And best of all: thanks to our premium partner Dynafit, the tapes will even be available in our own custom design from 2020.

  • Advice & Information: included
  • Kinesiological or Classical Taping: 15,- €
  • Physiotherapeutic Measures (30 min.): 55,- €