Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival

April 26-28, 2018

From 26th until 28th April 2018, all eyes of the European trail community will be on Innsbruck, where the Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival 2018 presented by inov-8 will kick-off the trail running season. Following sold-out events in 2016 and 2017, over 2400 trail runners from more than 40 different countries are anticipated in Austria’s biggest Trailrunning Event 2018.

Runners can look forward the same renowned city sights and multifaceted, remarkable natural landscapes in and around the state capital of Innsbruck, but all 6 trails (K85, K65, K42, K25, K15 and K7) have been upgraded for more roots, more rocks and more fun!

Official Eventclip 2017:

Achieve your optimum for IATF 2018: get high quality products and tapes by K-Active®, applied by professional physiotherapists.

Since 2011 we have been an essential part of national and international trailrunning events and are experts in accelerating your recovery after running. Our treatments are specialized to your individual needs.

You realize pain in your calf right before the start or you're anxious, that your ankle doesn’t hold the run? Don’t worry! We are helping you by finding the reason for your problems and supply you with all you need for a painless run and your regeneration afterwards. Furthermore, we inform you about typical running diseases and appropriate opportunities for prevention & training as well as the application of the K-Active® products.

Where do I find the Outdoor Physios?

We – Andy, Sandra & Markus – are waiting for you in the recovery area of the EXPO.

When can I get taped and get information about the K-Active® products?

  • Friday:
    1 pm - 7 pm (Taping + Info)
  • Saturday:
    3 am - 4 am (1h prior the K85 start – only Taping!)
    7 am - 8 am(1h prior the K65 & K25 start – only Taping!)
    noon - 7 pm 
(Taping + Info)

What about the costs?

  • Advice & information: included
  • K-Active® Taping (simple): 9 €
  • K-Active® Taping (complex): 15 €
  • Classical Taping: 15 €
  • Further products: on demand

(prices per tape, incl. VAT, no registration required)

Outdoor Physio and K-Active®

We are convinced of the philosophy of K-Active®.

Help for maintaining the health of the human and “natural” support in the different performance, regeneration and healing phases of the body are essential subjects for K-Active.

The holistic view of the human body with its many physical links e.g. the skin, the fascia, the muscles and the meridians as well as the emotions, energy, but also in its psychosocial periphery creates the therapeutic basis of the K-Active products.

On this basis the K-Active Tape, for example, is inspired by the characteristics of the skin and it transmitts positive sensory information to our body. Deduced from the knowledge that “Only the body can heal!”, also the other products by K-Active are selected to support the body in its performance and healing phase.